VMHA apparel

VMHA and Scoff's Hockey Shop have teamed up for VMHA Apparel

We're working with Scoff's Hockey Shop in Burnaby, to offer you high-quality Bauer clothing and quick delivery of VMHA apparel.

You can check out in person all apparel and bags by visiting the store. It'll give you a chance to try stuff on to ensure you're getting the right size.

Locally owned and operated since 1988, Scoff's will have some apparel ready to buy in-store, but not enough to supply all of VMHA. You will, however, be able to place an order on the spot in the store, including team orders.

VMHA Bauer Apparel & Equipment Pricing

  • Soft shell jacket with logo $90
  • Track jacket with logo SR $75 JR $70
  • Track pant (no logo) SR $40 JR $40
  • Premium full zip hoody with logo SR $60 JR $57
  • Premium sweatpants (no logo) SR $40 JR $38
  • Training short with logo $28
  • Core polo shirt with logo $50
  • Large/small grey training shirt with logo $45
  • Small black team tech tee with logo $25
  • Flex fit hat with logo $35
  • New Era flat brim hat with logo $35
  • Toque with logo (two styles) $30 / $35
  • New era toque with logo $30
  • Pullover hoody with logo $75
  • Bauer bag with logo on 2 sides $110 skater / $120 goalie

*Add name to bag $10
*Add embroidered name to jacket $10

If you would like to place an email order, please contact Scoff's

Scoff's Hockey Shop
3738 Parker Street
Burnbaby, BC
If you have any questions about apparel, or an idea for something new, email fundraising@vmha.com