Hockey Canada Safety Person

Respect in Sport & HCSP course

Don't be intimidated by the required Respect in SportConcussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) or the Hockey Canada Safety Person (HCSP) courses. They're designed for volunteers, not experts, so you don't need to know First Aid (or even know how to skate) to get involved.
All we're asking for is a desire to get involved and help kids play the greatest sport ever.
Our safety officials are volunteers who has become HCSP certified. You'll need to complete the certification program every three years to maintan that certification, even if you're a medical professional.
A safety official's duties include:
  • Regular checks of players’ equipment.
  • Promotion of proper warm up and conditioning techniques as a form of injury prevention.
  • Planning for road trips, tournaments, etc., and help in the overall supervision of the team.
  • Establishment of medical history files on every player, files that need to be carried, along with the team's first aid kit, to every outing.
  • Implementation of an Emergency Action Plan for the team and a thorough understanding of how it's used in the event of accidents, injuries and medical emergencies.
  • Management of all injuries, and a knowledge of how to recognize serious injuries.
  • Referral of  injured players to qualified professionals.
  • A leadership role in promoting the values of safety, fair play and integrity.
Additional information can be found on BC Hockey's website
Here's the steps to becoming a Hockey Canada Safety Person:
1. HCSP course - to register click here
2. Respect in Sport (RiS)  - to register click here
3. Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) - to register click here - must be completed prior to start of season
4. Criminal Record Check* -  please see  Access Code: 89EJQFW58M
*Please note you must initiate your Criminal Record Check prior to the start of the season.
When you have completed your courses, please forward your certificate of completion and receipt to our Risk Manager at for reimbursement. If you have any questions about these courses, please contact Gord Rumohr at
Criminal Record Checks
Criminal Record Checks
Every rostered team official and any appointed Board position aged 18 and over and dealing regularly with children must have on file with the VMHA a current criminal record check that includes a vulnerable sector search.
Once a criminal record check is on file with the VMHA, it is considered current for 3 years from the year of check.
The Vulnerable Persons Check (VPC) is included within the online format of the Criminal Record Check (CRC), as offered through the Ministry of Justice website. The Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) automatically incorporates a VPC into every CRC completed through this platform, as noted on the Ministry of Justice website:
“As part of your criminal record check process, the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) will also conduct a vulnerable sector check. This process determines whether you have any record suspensions (formerly known as pardons) for sexual offences.”
A vulnerable sector search is an additional, secondary search of the criminal record databases that encompasses convictions for pardoned sex offences that have subsequently been pardoned. [Pardoned offences are not typically included in a criminal record check.] Vulnerable sector searches are only available to individuals who are identified as working with an organisation responsible for the well-being of children under the age of 18 - the VMHA is such an organisation.
For more information you can visit the Ministry of Justice website at the following link:
Should you have any questions please contact the BC Hockey office at
To obtain your Criminal Record Check, please follow the link to the Ministry of Justice criminal record check site:
VMHA Access Code: 89EJQFW58M
If you have had a CRC in the last 3 years through your employer or other volunteer position this can be shared with the VMHA and the options for both are well explained in the link included with the email invitation.  Both applying for and sharing the CRC can also be done manually and the Department of Justice site has the fillable/downloadable forms available.
The completed CRC will be forwarded directly to the Risk Manager.
Fingerprint Process:
You may be asked to have fingerprinting done as part of the CRC process.
At the City of Vancouver, there is a $25.00 fee for volunteers. This fee will paid by VMHA.
Fingerprinting is done by the VPD at the Graveley street office, and information on the process is located through the following link: