VMHA Spring Break 3 On 3 Tournament

This event is for VMHA players only.


We are happy to announce  the VMHA Spring Break 3 on 3 Tournament on Saturday, March 26th, 2022 at Britannia Rink. 

All spots are currently filled!  Volunteers still needed!  Log into your SportsHelper parent portal for the available tasks. 


Teams  3 players per team, no more than 2 rep players per team and no coaching
Format  7 minutes games, double elimination (each team guaranteed two games)
Ice Format  All teams play cross ice
Schedule  U6/U7 3:15 4:30
 U8/U9 4:45 6:00
 U11 6:15 7:30
 U13 7:45 9:00


For teams and specific division schedules see the following:






Tournament Rules

Game Times:

  • Games will be 7 mins in length, goalies switch end at 3.5 mins.
  • A buzzer will sound to begin, at 3.5 mins and at the end of the game.
  • Due to the significant number of games to be played, the clock will be on running time, without exception.


Game Start:

  • There will be a 5-10 minute warm up before each group tournament, as time allows.
  • Players must be ready to step on the ice immediately upon the conclusion of the preceding game.
  • Clock will begin to run 3 mins after the conclusion of every game.
  • Each game will begin with a face-off at centre ice position


Game Rules:

  • Icings and offside are not called in games
  • Offside will only be called when playing on a full ice surface.
  • Change of possession
    • Out of Play: When the puck goes out of play, the team not responsible for the stoppage in play will be awarded the puck. A minimum of ten feet of clearance shall be given to resume play. No face-off will occur.
    • Goal Scored: When a goal is scored, the scoring team is required to retreat back into their defensive zone until the puck is brought forward over the centre ice line by the other team. If the scoring team intentionally touches the puck prior to clearing the offensive zone, a penalty shot will be awarded. A team clearing the puck after being scored upon has only 10 seconds to proceed past the centre ice line, or possession will be awarded to the other team.
    • Any other stoppage of play caused by a team will result in possession of the puck being awarded to the team not responsible for the stoppage of play.
  • There is no intentional body contact allowed at any divisional level of this tournament. Any intentional body contact or fighting may result in automatic ejection of the offending player. The remaining players may be allowed to continue shorthanded.
  • During the course of the game, the referee’s decision is final. A zero-tolerance approach will be used by the referee towards aggressive and/or abusive coaches, players and spectators.
  • In the event of a tie, there will be a shoot-out on a single goalie. The winner is the first team to score when the other team does not.



  • Players are not permitted to play up a division.
  • Substitute Players can only be allowed to play under special circumstances and upon approval of the tournament organizer.
    • Under such special circumstances teams may be permitted to borrow other players at the same or lower level skill and the same age division or down one age group, as long as the rule stating the maximum number of “A” players per team has been followed
  • Under no circumstances can a player who is not registered on a team play in the 3 on 3 tournament. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a game default and possible team ejection from the tournament.
  • At least 1 adult must be behind the bench for U6-U9 and U11 aged teams.
  • A coach or parent representative must be present at all times in or very close to the dressing room while occupied by players, to help organize and to monitor the safety of players.