2022/2023 VMHA Hockey Pool

Here is how the NHL Ticket Pool works:



Every ticket comes with a unique combination of 3 pre-assigned teams for each week of the pool. Since tickets are pre-assigned, there is no need to pick your teams and therefore no sports knowledge is required to play. Only sold tickets will be activated for the pool.

View a sample ticket here.



The goals scored by the 3 teams on your ticket for all games played in the given week will be added together for a combined total score. The top 3 scoring tickets will win the cash prizes for the given week.



A tie in any given week will be broken using the highest point differential. Point differential is determined by subtracting the total number of goals allowed by the 3 teams from the total number of goals scored. Any remaining ties will split the money for that prize.



The pool will use Hockey Reference as the official source for NHL game scores. Sunday night games will conclude the week's schedule and results will be posted on the pool web page by 12:00PM (noon) PST each Monday during the 12 weeks of the pool.



Sunday night games will conclude the week’s schedule and results will be posted on the pool web page by 12:00PM PST every Tuesday morning during the 12 weeks of the pool.

There are 3 weekly cash prizes awarded to the 3 highest goal scoring tickets in the NHL Hockey Pool for each week, and remember, each ticket is good for 12 weeks!


  • 1st prize $250
  • 2nd prize $125
  • 3rd prize $75


Winners will be contacted by email to confirm their ticket and collect their prize. If the winner does not claim their prize within 90 days and all attempts to contact the winner have failed, the prize will be awarded to the next highest scoring ticket holder.  All winners will be announced on  https://fanraise.ca/vmha/



In rare cases, unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemic may impact the pool's game schedule. If the entire league is impacted by such an event, and 1 or more consecutive weeks of games according to the pool schedule are cancelled, the scores from the exact same week range will be used from the most recent, previous season played.



What is your role as a VMHA member?

Simply put, support your VMHA.  Start by buying a ticket yourself and sell lots of tickets to people in your inner circle.  That's the best way to participate.

Remember, this is your money you are raising. It’s EASY…a $20 price tag for 12 unique chances to win requires no hard sale.

Each family registered in VMHA will be responsible to do their part and sell as many tickets as possible.  VMHA would be grateful of each family sells a minimum of 5 tickets.


What is the easiest way to sell my Hockey Pool tickets?

It couldn't be easier! Provide the link https://fanraise.ca/vmha/ and your unique code to your friends, family, and co-workers to support your favourite sport association and maybe win a little money along the way.

  • Mom and Dad -guaranteed sale!
  • Grandma and Grandpa - pretty good chance that’s a slam dunk (or should we say bar down?)
  • Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces
  • Neighbours, family friends, work colleagues, retailers in your area
  • If you own your company, buy tickets for employees



Division Prizes

U6/U7 – Nintendo Switch or $300 cash

U8 – Nintendo Switch or $300 cash

U9 –Nintendo Switch or $300 cash

U11 – iPad or $350 cash

U13 – iPad or $350 cash

U15 – iWatch or $450 cash

U18/U21 – iWatch or $450 cash


For every 5 tickets purchased using your special code, your name will automatically be entered to win one of these amazing prizes (in your division).

The more tickets you buy/sell, the greater your chance of winning.



Top Individual Ticket Sales Overall

$1,000 Grand Prize - 2023/2024 VMHA Registration Fee Waived up to $1,000*

Must sell a minimum of 30 tickets to qualify for prize

*No cash value.  Does not include Rep-related Fees or other Team Fees


Top Team Sales Overall

$750 Cold Hard Cash contribution to your Team Fund

We also have a TOP TEAM SALES challenge going out to each VMHA Team.

All teams, House, or Rep, U6-U21 are qualified to win. Coaches and Managers, get your teams excited!

The Prize for the Top Team will be a $750 contribution directly to your team’s fund. Use it for tournaments, year-end party or however your team sees fit!



Any questions regarding the VMHA Hockey Pool, please email hockeypool@vmha.com