VMHA Best Practices

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Best Practices Overview

Vancouver Minor Hockey Association is a community-based hockey program designed to keep the youth of our neighborhoods active and involved in sport. VMHA is a volunteer driven association that relies on over 100 dedicated people to implement the 13 hockey programs we offer for our over 500 participants.

With so many people assisting in part time roles outside of their field of expertise it is important to share as much information as possible to ensure programs are run consistently and to the highest level possible. We value our volunteers above else and we want to provide the tools necessary to make sure they feel empowered to make the VMHA experience the best it could possibly be for all members.

Following information is the backbone to these programs and should be used as a template for what we want to provide as members move through from U6-U21. It is a guide for best practice and should be considered when running VMHA programs.

Best Practices By Division

Here is a  collection of information to help deliver hockey programs to the VMHA community. Here you will find some helpful tools to assist in providing a great hockey experience.

There is a lot of fantastic information out there to help coaches get the most out of their time with their teams. The result of ongoing research into hockey development, training methods and medical issues are readily available but can be overwhelming to someone just starting out. The purpose of the documentation below is to provide digestible information to help you with your team today. By no means is the information below the be all end all of information for our coaches but it is a great starting point and baseline for all our divisions.

Please take the time to understand the relevant information below to help us ensure our players get the best, safest experience possible at VMHA.