All players are required to wear the mandatory equipment.

  • Hockey skates (figure skates are not permitted)
  • CSA approved hockey helmet and full face shield/mask (bicycle helmets are not permitted)
  • BNQ certified neck guard
  • Hockey pants, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, chest and pelvic protector
  • Hockey stick, jersey and socks

For Hockey Canada's equipment tips (proper fitting, protective quality and maintenance) click here.

Good quality used equipment can be found at various sporting goods stores and consignment shops in Vancouver. Please remember that good skates make a big difference in any player’s skating ability.


Here are some great places to get gear

Lots of previously used skates and hockey equipment

Lots of previously used skates and hockey equipment

Mostly new equipment, but they do have used skates


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire sells equipment kits that are cost effective and include everything except a helmet, neck guard, and skates.

Bauer JT19 Basics Hockey Protective Kit

Bauer Premium Hockey Protective Kit