Referee Equipment

A member of the Officiating Program, in the course of duty as an Official, shall be neat and clean in appearance and is to be properly dressed at all times.
Official dress shall include the official referee sweater with Branch crest(s), black trousers, polished skates and clean white laces, whistle(s), necessary protectors including CSA approved helmets (black in colour), to which a CSA approved visor must be securely attached and not altered in any way, and a measuring device.
The Official Referee and Linesman Sweater are to be Black and White. Referees shall wear red armbands.
Mandatory equipment for on ice officials:
1. A CSA certified black helmet and CSA certified visor. No full cages or shields.
2. Hockey skates. Goalie nor figure skates are permitted.
3. Hockey Officials jersey.
4. Whistle - Acme Thunder is preferred. No plastic whistle and no whistles on lanyards. Finger mounted whistles only.
5. Black pants. This includes no track pant style pants. All pants are to be one continuos color. No jeans will be accepted.
6. A bag to carry your equipment.
7. Rule/Case book.
8. Protective cup or jill.
The following equipment is recommended and if you are working a higher level of hockey above U13, it is mandatory.
1. Shin pads.
2. Spare whistle.
3. String to repair nets. Old skate laces cut up work well.
4. Protective girdle and pants.
5. Measuring tape.
6. Note pad.
7. Referees jersey. This one will have the red arm bands already attached but slip on Red Arm bands work well especially if you are just starting to referee games.

Referee iPhone/Android App

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