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Financial Assistance & Scholarships

We Keep Fees Low, But There Are Financial Assistance Options

At VMHA, we believe that no child should be unable to play due to financial restraints and that no family should suffer financial hardship in order for their child to play.

For those who could use some help in covering the costs of hockey ,there are  agencies that offer grants for hockey registration, Jumpstart, KidSport, Athletic for Kids, and Lace ‘em Up

Please note that all grants are only available for basic registration fees.  Volunteer fee, jersey deposit, fees for skills camps, ‘A’ team tryouts, additional team fees, and equipment costs, are not covered by grants.

Effective for the 2019/2020 season and later, there are two scenarios for families receiving financial assistance to secure a spot on a team.



Preferred scenario for families receiving financial assistance in order:


1) Family applies for funding (in January and February or at the earliest allowed by the 3rd party organization) and notifies VMHA registrar

2) VMHA receives funds and deposits into VMHA bank account from organization(s)

2a) If a family does not receive full funding from 3rd party organizations they are highly encouraged to apply to VMHA’s Hockey Access Fund

3) Family registers online paying a discounted or no registration fee based on funding received, at which point a spot is secured


Alternative scenario for families receiving financial assistance in order:


1) Family registers online using credit card and pays in full or installments, at which point a spot is secured

2) Family applies for funding and notifies VMHA registrar

3) Family issued refund(s) once VMHA receives funds from organization(s) and deposits into VMHA bank account

3a) If a family does not receive full funding from 3rd party organizations they are highly encouraged to apply to VMHA’s Hockey Access Fund

Families applying for funding should apply to organizations in January and February, or at the earliest allowed by the 3rd party organization, to ensure funding is secured in a timely manner.  Registration is online only (TeamSnap) and paid by credit card.  Players will NOT be considered registered and have a spot on a team until payment has been made, either by installment or in full.  Payment is the last and final step in registration process.

Hockey Access Fund

The VMHA Hockey Access Fund was created in conjunction with the Britannia Community Centre to provide opportunity to those under the age of 18 without adequate financial means, the ability to access funds allowing them to participate in organized hockey within the Vancouver Minor Hockey Association.

VMHA and Britannia believe strongly in the power of team sports as important tools in helping set positive goals, create bonds, build community and learn valuable life skills.

We believe that any child with a desire to play and learn should be given the chance to play alongside their school friends or neighbours. Our Mission is to create, maintain and disburse from a self-perpetuating fund designed to improve inclusion within the VMHA among financially challenged families by helping lower those financial barriers.

The fund will be primarily sustained through proceeds of our Britannia Ice Rink Concession, currently open through the hockey season from October to February. These net proceeds are then matched by our partners at Britannia Community Centre.

In addition, we will of course accept corporate and personal donations, as well as entertain sponsorship opportunities should the fit be appropriate.

Grants will be disbursed up to a maximum of $1100 per application based on each case’s individual needs. All applications and collateral financial information will be review in confidence by an appointed panel of five.

Award decisions will be made on a “needs” basis and will rest solely with the appointed panel. Their decision will be final.

Hockey Access Fund Application Form: VMHA Hockey Access Fund Application and Information

Email your completed application form to:

Any questions, please email



Al Boyd Memorial Bursary

Al Boyd began his involvement with hockey with Grandview Minor Hockey Association. Al took on many volunteer roles from team management to President, but his true passion was coaching young players.

Al continued to coach with VMHA after the amalgamation of the east Vancouver minor hockey associations and his selection as a Life Member for
Grandview MHA.  Although coaching minor hockey is predominantly about bettering hockey skills, Al always coached his players to strive to be better people.

Whether it be taking his team to volunteer in the community or showing respect to Veterans on Remembrance Day, Al always expected more of those who played for him. Al was a man of integrity who had a positive impact on the young players fortunate enough to call him “Coach”.

This bursary is to be given out annually to the member who best demonstrates the qualities that Al valued; hard work, integrity, commitment and volunteerism.

Eligibility: Open to all members in good standing of VMHA who are enrolling in an accredited post secondary institution within 18 months of application. Members in good standing include players, referees and coaches that have fulfilled all financial commitments and certifications required by the VMHA, PCAHA and BC Hockey.

Application Deadline: April 1st

Award: The intent of this Bursary is to grow the principal so that it can increase with the cost of tuition. The current amount is $1,000 A cheque will be made payable directly to the post-secondary institution the recipient is attending. The Bursary will be held until September 1st of the year following receipt and if unclaimed, it will revert back in to the Bursary fund.

Award Date: This will be awarded annually at the VMHA Awards dinner or AGM in the event that an Awards dinner is not held.

Application requirements:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Letter(s) of recommendation from a non-family member(s). Letter(s) can be from a teacher, coach, employer or mentor. The letter of recommendation should be from someone who knows the applicant well and who can attest to their character and attributes as a young person who contributes positively to their community
  3. A letter or notice of acceptance to a post-secondary institution.

Application Form: VMHA Al Boyd Memorial Bursary

Please send all applications to via email to:
Subject Line Re: Al Boyd Memorial Bursary – <applicant name>
Attachments in word and pdf only



PCAHA Scholarships

Each year the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association award scholarships in recognition of academic achievement and community/school service combined with hockey participation.

If you’re a registered player with any team in the PCAHA Midget or Juvenile divisions, and in grade 11 or 12 or graduated from high school, you’re eligible to apply for PCAHA Scholarships.

Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship

If you’re a young British Columbian who has made a difference in your community, the Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship wants to hear from you.  The Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship rewards students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and exemplary contributions and commitment to enriching the lives of others in the community.

BC Hockey Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded annually to BC Hockey registered members to give recognition to those who develop their academic career aspirations while at the same time playing in the Western Hockey League.

To be eligible for a BC Hockey scholarship, an individual in his or her graduating year of high school and must be a current registered member or a former BC Hockey member playing in the Western Hockey League. Applicants are evaluated on academic achievement, sportsmanship, hockey participation and / or quality of contribution, as well as school and community participation and service.