Volunteers Are Vital To Our Success

The success of the VMHA depends on you, the volunteer.

We charge a volunteer fee of $150 per family, which is refunded if you take on a volunteer position with the VMHA.

We're only asking for four hours of volunteer time per family throughout the season, in one of the following areas:

  • Rostered team officials: coach, assistant coach, safety, team manager
  • VMHA board member
  • Division managers
  • Helping at association events, such as: rep tryouts, picture day, VMHA’s Christmas Tournament, Banner Days, Final Four games, VMHA board sub-committees.

And if you can't find the time to make that sort of extra commitment, please do what you can to help with team duties throughout the season, with everything from 50-50 draws to operating the score clock. You won't be credited with a refund of your volunteer fee, but you'll feel great to be supporting the VMHA.

The Board also recognizes that there are additional “project based” volunteer functions that sometimes require a greater, condensed contribution of volunteer hours. These are volunteer roles that typically involve a significant amount of planning, event coordination, sometimes even impacting a volunteer’s regular work schedule.

The hours invested will range from greater than 6 hours to as many as 20+ hours, typically concentrated within a short period of time. In order to populate these volunteer roles, without impacting the existing day to day roles team-based roles, the Board has revised the refund policy to more accurately compensate those functions requiring significantly more individual volunteer commitment due to the nature of the project or initiative. The following are the key policy points:

  • The policy guiding the dispensation of increased refunds will be applied to those short term, task-based initiatives or projects requiring an individual’s investment of a disproportionately high number of hours within a relatively short span of time. Refunds will be based on the number of hours committed within our refund scale. Each project, the respective positions qualifying for increased refunds, expected commitment and value of the refund will be clearly identified and broadcast to the membership in a timely manner prior to the implementation of those projects, allowing for fair opportunity to have any qualified individual from our membership participate


  • The refund amounts for any project at any refund level will be INCREMENTAL to any refund already earned. In other words, if a team official or other individual has already earned the minimum $150 refund (ie. team manager, safety official, coaches etc.), they can qualify for an additional refund if they choose another volunteer function throughout the season. The value of additional refunds will be pre-determined by the project manager or Board member responsible for leading the project or initiative


  • The appropriate refund amount will be determined by the project manager in accordance with the following refund table:
    •   6  hours - $150
    • 12  hours - $300
    • 20+hours - $450

In order to qualify for a refund of any sort within the scope of this policy, the individual must be a parent or guardian of an active player (member) in good standing within the VMHA.


NOTE: All volunteer refund claims must be received by May 31 for the previous season.  Any claims received after May 31 will be credited towards the next season.  i.e. for the 2019/20 season the deadline is May 31, 2020.

For full details about volunteering at the VMHA, see the links below: