Volunteers Are Vital To Our Success


The success of the VMHA depends on you, the volunteer.

We charge a volunteer fee of $160 per family, which is refunded if you take on a volunteer position with the VMHA.

  • Rostered team officials: Coach, Assistant Coach, Safety, Team Manager
  • Division Managers
  • VMHA board member
  • Helping at Association events, such as: Rep tryouts, picture day, VMHA’s Christmas Tournament, Banner Days, Final Four games, or VMHA board sub-committees.

If you can't find the time to make that sort of extra commitment, please do what you can to help with team duties throughout the season, such as score/time keeping.  You won't be credited with a refund of your volunteer fee, but you'll feel great to be supporting the VMHA.

For full details about volunteering please refer to our VMHA Volunteer Policy