Injury Management


What do I need to do as the HCSP/Manager/Coach when a player is unable to continue in a game or practice due to injury?

(1)   Complete the on-line injury reporting log

(2)   If an injury requires medical referral and/or hospitalization:

  • Advise the parents to have a Return to Play form completed by a medical professional
  • For Concussions this will need to be completed by a Medical Doctor
  • Complete and submit a Hockey Canada Injury Report.
  • Advise the parents of their options to have the Hockey Canada Injury Report signed and then submitted, as an additional source of health insurance.

(3)   The HCSP/Coach is required to “close the loop” with the family. Have the Return to Play form uploaded to the child's ePACT account. Concussion Return to Play protocols must be followed.