Welcome to Vancouver Minor Hockey!

New Player Registration opens June 1, 2021.   


If you are interested in registering with VMHA and want to confirm you live with the  VMHA Boundary and can email the Registrar.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance may be available: Click here for more information

Pay By Installments

  • During Registration, you can choose to pay by installments or with a single payment.
  • Installments – Pay equal monthly payments with a deposit of $100 made at checkout and then the first installment on August 1st  and final installment on December 1st.

Should you experience any difficulty registering online or have any questions regarding the online registration process, please contact our Registrar at registrar@vmha.com

Registration Details

For all of the following situations, registration forms and required documents are to be submitted to the Registrar by email to  registrar@vmha.com. Once the Registrar has created a Hockey Canada number, the new registrant will be contacted and directed to complete the

Players Born Outside of Canada

Permanent Residents

We are required to determine the residence of the parent(s) of players born outside of Canada.  In doing so, it must be determined that the parent(s) are more than temporary residents of B.C. if, the player is to be deemed eligible to participate on a team which registers on Hockey Canada Registration Certificates.

Canadian Citizenship Card-Passport/Landed Immigrant/Permanent Resident Status
In these cases, it will have to be determined that the parent(s) are more than just temporary residents of B.C.  The parents must provide proof of Permanent Resident Status (or documentation proving that Permanent Residence status is in process).  If BC Hockey/Hockey Canada determines that the parent(s) are permanent residents of Canada, the player may be approved to play at all levels.  If not, the player will be approved to play recreational