Hello VMHA Community,


We are now well into the 2021/22 season, with teams formed and placement games now completed. I am reaching out to thank each and everyone of you for your contributions to our league, whether it’s waking up early or rushing home from work to drive your child to practice or serving in a volunteer role to support the flow and rhythm of your child’s team/development group or donating your time for behind-the-scenes planning/organizing for VHMA events/initiatives, we have a great community because of you. Thank you.


COVID-19 has required us all to be nimble, and open to change – sometimes daily. We appreciate how everyone within the league has supported and rallied behind the initiatives put in place to keep us healthy and safe. If we can continue to do our part by following PHO protocols and wearing masks, I am confident the remaining season – including playoffs – can take place.


New this season is our partnership with LGS Global Sports – we were so excited to roll this out and provide our players with continued skill development from this esteemed group. We are also thrilled to provide coaching support, including one on one coaching with Nate Lesley, webinars, and access to LGS coaching platform.


Our Training Center is now officially open and operating. It is a new venue to train, teach and develop hockey skills. We look forward to seeing you there!


This season represents a lot of new beginnings. We have a new development group, a new training center and are operating under constantly evolving new protocols as we weather the pandemic. With change and new beginnings, there is often a learning curve – we appreciate your patience as we evolve together.


Play on...


Nick Santorelli

VMHA President