VMHA 2024 Board Member Nominees

Candidate: Chris Bedyk

Position: VP1

Bio:  I bring over 47 years of extensive hockey experience, having played multiple seasons for the Strathcona Warriors AAA team, where we won provincial championships, and the 2023 Aeros, where we were division champions. My involvement with VMHA has been multifaceted, including roles as an assistant coach, fundraiser, and on-ice helper.
Throughout my professional career, I have had the privilege of working with renowned sports organizations such as TSN, the Canucks, and the BC Lions, and collaborating with NHL
scouts, coaches, and trainers, including Peter Twist. I have also enhanced my leadership skills by attending sessions with Tony Robbins.
I am a firm believer that sport is the cornerstone of any community. My comprehensive knowledge, extensive experience, and unwavering passion, combined with my innovative
vision, equip me to contribute significantly to the ongoing success and growth of VMHA, both
for house and rep teams in the VP1 role.


Candidate: Levi Higgs

Position: VP1

Bio: My name is Levi Higgs, and I’ve been a part of the VMHA family for the past 10 years. I have three boys that continue to play in the league, with my oldest starting to play in H1 and now moving on to U18 next year. My middle boy play’s goalie and is in his first year of U15, while my youngest is a second year U11 player. My boys have played at both the house and rep levels. During my time with the organization, I’ve played a variety of roles supporting the league and my sons’ teams, including being a coach, a health safety person, a division manager, and a team manager, as well as sitting on the disciplinary and strategic planning committees at an organizational level.

It is my belief that sport can play a very valuable role in young people’s lives, supporting their social and physical development, and helping them become capable and supportive individuals when they are older. As a community-based organization, we need to constantly strive to give all players the opportunity to develop and learn in a positive environment and help them maximize their skill potential. I am someone that values collaboration and clear and concise communication that enables all members a clear understanding of the organization’s direction and their roles within it. With my past experience throughout the organization, my desire to see us achieve positive improvements, my professional experience in corporate management best practices, and my conviction in the need to build more efficient knowledge sharing processes, I believe that I would be a strong addition to the board in the role of VP1.


Candidate: Todd Chisholm

Position: VP3

Bio: With six years of experience in various roles such as coach, team manager, and safety officer, and as a parent of two sons who also referee, I am passionate about hockey and dedicated to ensuring its safety and integrity. Engaging with parents, coaches, and VMHA volunteers has given me valuable insight into what makes our association successful. My professional background in risk management and mitigation, combined with my experience in organizing and leading effective teams, will be beneficial in the role of VP3. VMHA has had a profoundly positive impact on our entire family, and I am eager to contribute to its continued growth and tradition.


Candidate: Kristy Streefkirk

Position: VP3

Bio: I am parent to Royce, a U11 player in his 5th season with VMHA. I have been involved with the league at a team level for the past three years as safety and also as a manager for our Spring team. I look forward to continuing to be more involved in the league and the community by participating as part of the board. In the past I have been a board member for the Grandview Terrace Childcare Society and also and am also serving as PAC treasurer for our elementary school.


Candidate: Kavie Toor

Position: Coach Coordinator


Candidate: Philip Aguirre

Position: Treasurer


Candidate: Cora Burnette

Position: Tournament


Candidate: Shanna Marchuk

Position: Secretary


Candidate: Suzanne Volkow

Position: Equipment


Candidate: Tsion Tekie

Position: Fundraising Director