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This season’s VMHA Hockey Pool is ready to launch!

Your Team Managers will be receiving your Team bundles of tickets shortly and getting them into your hands for sale. As most of you know, this is not your typical hockey pool, in fact it is built specifically to allow rookies to compete equally with veterans.


Here is how the Ticket Pool works:

  • Our VMHA PRO HOCKEY POOL is ticket driven and chances of winning are random (like a lottery). In other words, you must own a ticket to have a chance to win one of the weekly cash prizes.
  • Our VMHA PRO HOCKEY POOL runs for 11 weeks, beginning the week of Jan 20, 2020 to April 3, 2020. Each week, every single ticket sold has a new chance to win any of the 5 weekly cash prizes (top prize of $250)! That's right, every ticket sold has a new chance to win each week, for 11 weeks!
  • Winning is simple! Each ticket contains a unique new combination of 3 NHL teams for each of the 13 weeks your ticket is valid. If the combined total number of goals scored by those 3 teams is Top 5 among the tickets sold, the ticket wins a cash prize! As an example, let's say that in week #1 your ticket shows a 3-team combination of the Montreal Canadians, Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks. If at the end of that week, the combined number of goals scored by those three teams on your ticket is in the Top 5 among all sold tickets, you win! Its really that easy. Even better, if you don't win in week #1, it starts all over again in week #2 with a fresh new set of three teams!
  • All winners will automatically be mailed a cheque each week.
  • There are 5 weekly cash prizes awarded to the 5 highest goal scoring tickets in the Hockey Pool for each week, and remember, each ticket is good for 13 weeks!
          • 1st prize $250
          • 2nd prize $125
          • 3rd prize $75
          • 4th prize $40
          • 5th prize $25


What is your role as a VMHA member?

  • Simply put, support your VMHA!  Start by buying a ticket yourself, and sell lots of tickets to people in your inner circle. That's the best way to participate!
  • Remember, this is your money you are raising. Its EASY…a $20 price tag for 11 unique chances to win requires no hard sale.
  • Each family registered in VMHA will be responsible to do their part and sell as many tickets as possible, but you MUST sell a minimum of 5 tickets. Each Team Manager will be given a quantity of tickets for your team to sell. The Team Manager will distribute tickets to each family accordingly.
  • Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! There are also fantastic incentives to sell tickets as well (read further for more on that…)


What is the easiest way to sell my Hockey Pool tickets?

It couldn't be easier! This is a fun way for you and your friends, family and co-workers to support your favourite sport association and maybe win a little money along the way…plus, it’s only 20 bucks per ticket. Here are some ideas for "no-brainer" ticket sales:

  • Mom and Dad -guaranteed sale!
  • Grandma and Grandpa - pretty good chance that’s a slam dunk (or should we say bar down?)
  • Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nephews, Nieces
  • Neighbours, Family friends, Work colleagues, Retailers in your area
  • If you own your company, buy tickets for employees
  • Gather your teammates and book time at the Hockey Pool Sales Table during our VMHA Christmas Tournament (contact



So many ways to win great prizes just by doing your part

Check this out…


Top Individual Ticket Sales Overall



  • $1000 Grand Prize - 2019/20 VMHA Registration Fee Waived (up to $1000)

(does not include Rep-related Fees or other Team Fees)

  • 2nd PrizeSony PlayStation 4 with NHL 2020
  • 3rd PrizeGo Hockey Nuts with a $500 Shopping spree at Sportchek
  • 4th Prize – Apple Watch Series 3 ($300)
  • 5th Prize – Apple Air Pods ($250)
  • 6th Prize – Choose a new Hockey Stick at Sportchek ($175)
  • 7th Prize – VMHA Apparel Shopping Spree ($250)
  • 8th Prize – Sportchek Gift Card ($150)
  • 9th Prize -VMHA Hockey Bag ($80)
  • 10th Prize -VMHA Hoodie ($60)
  • 11th Prize -VMHA East Van Hockey T-shirt ($25)
  • 12th Prize -VMHA Long Sleeve Shirt ($30)
  • 13th Prize -VMHA T-Shirt ($20)
  • 14th Prize -VMHA Hat ($25)
  • 15th Prize -VMHA Hat ($25)
  • 16th Prize -VMHA Hat ($25)
  • 17th Prize -VMHA Toque ($25)


Bonus Prize Draw


On January 31, 2020, the VMHA will hold a draw for an additional grand prize of ONE FREE VMHA REGISTRATION FOR THE 2019/20 SEASON!

Each Player Family having sold their initial allotment of 5 Hockey Pool tickets will receive one entry for this amazing bonus draw. What’s more, each player family can receive an additional entry for each quantity of 5 tickets they sell above and beyond their initial allotment! For example, sell 20 Hockey Pool tickets, get 4 entries for the draw!


$750 to the Top Team Sales Overall

$750 Cold Hard Cash contribution to your Team Fund


We also have a TOP TEAM SALES challenge going out to each VMHA Team out there! All  Teams, House or Rep , H1-Juvenile are qualified to win. Coaches, get your teams pumped ! The Prize for the Top Team will be a $750 contribution directly to your team’s fund! Use it for tournaments, year end party or however your team sees fit!