Ice  Guidelines for Coaches and Managers


Regular Season Practices and Games

  • All regular season practices will be entered into Teamsnap at the Association level by the Ice Allocator.
  • Team are NOT to delete/edit any scheduled ice times or events that have been entered at the Association level by the Ice Allocator.
  • Teams are responsible for entering their own games.


Emails to the Ice Allocator

  • This is how communications should appear.
  • In the subject line, please identify your team and what are you requesting (is it conflict, ice return, etc)

         U13 C1 - Conflict Game

  • In your signature, please include your name, title, and team

Nelson Smith
Team Manager
U13 C1


Non-rostered Parents on the Ice

  • Due to Insurance rules, ONLY rostered team officials and players (with BC Hockey) are ever allowed on our Permitted ice at any time.
  • If the parent is not listed on your Teamsnap roster, they are not permitted on the ice.


 Unused Ice

  • If you are not using your ice or if you have a conflict, give it back to the Ice Allocator ASAP. The expectation is if you cannot use your ice, it comes back to association to be handed out to another team.
  • Check your schedule regularly to see if you need to cancel an early morning practice because you have a league or tournament game scheduled later that day.


Game Schedules in Spordle

  • Schedules as they appear in Spordle are the gospel.
  • Coaches & team Managers should be confirming their team’s schedule in Spordle on a regular basis and advising me of any errors or changes to be made ASAP.
  • Teams that “no show” because the information they are getting from TeamSnap is incorrect or inaccurate will be fined $500.
  • Rink locations/addresses in Teamsnap are taken from the PCAHA website.  If you see any errors in Teamsnap let the Ice Allocator know.
  • If you do not see a rink location in Teamsnap, DO NOT add it.  Email so it can be added as an association wide location.


Conflict Game Ice

  • Please provide the Ice Allocator with all the information for that conflict game (game number, date, time, and rink).
  • You will give back that home game ice and another game ice will be provided.
  • The Ice Allocator  will give you a sheet of ice that works for both teams according to the schedules in Spordle.  You do not have a choice as to whether you take it or not. An exception is if the teams are in a tournament, and I cannot see it on Spordle.
  • You may have to play 2 games in one day. The rule in the league is to allow 3 hours from the end of one game to the beginning of the next game.
  • You will need to confirm with the other team and then confirm with me ASAP.
  • The turnaround for this is 48 hours to get back to the Ice Allocator.


Extra Ice

  • An email will go out each week with extra ice that is available.
  • Requests to swap one ice time for another will not be considered.
  • Carefully look at the times to see whether it is a morning (am) or afternoon/evening (pm) sheet.
  • Priority will go to teams who have not picked up extra ice recently but if no one else wants it, it is yours.
  • Do not assume that the ice is yours until confirmation is received from the Ice Allocator and it has been added to your schedule in Teamsnap.


No Ice Days

  • Throughout the season, there will be specific times when our facility partners do not have ice available for VMHA your schedules will be adjusted in Teamsnap accordingly.