VMHA Hockey Access Fund


The VMHA Hockey Access Fund was created in conjunction with the Britannia Community Centre to provide opportunity to those under the age of 18 without adequate financial means, the ability to access funds allowing them to participate in organized hockey within the Vancouver Minor Hockey Association.

VMHA and Britannia believe strongly in the power of team sports as important tools in helping set positive goals, create bonds, build community and learn valuable life skills.

We believe that any child with a desire to play and learn should be given the chance to play alongside their school friends or neighbours. Our Mission is to create, maintain and disburse from a self-perpetuating fund designed to improve inclusion within the VMHA among financially challenged families by helping lower those financial barriers.

The fund will be primarily sustained through proceeds of our Britannia Ice Rink Concession, currently open through the hockey season from October to February. These net proceeds are then matched by our partners at Britannia Community Centre.

In addition, we will of course accept corporate and personal donations, as well as entertain sponsorship opportunities should the fit be appropriate.

Grants will be disbursed up to a maximum of $1100 per application based on each case’s individual needs. All applications and collateral financial information will be review in confidence by an appointed panel of five.

Award decisions will be made on a “needs” basis and will rest solely with the appointed panel. Their decision will be final.


Hockey Access Fund Application Form: VMHA Hockey Access Fund Application and Information


Email your completed application form to: registrar@vmha.com


Any questions, please email registrar@vmha.com