VMHA is pleased to be hosting the Juvenile Final Four Tournament from March 7-10, 2018!

We’ll need volunteers to help as Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, and Music person for each game

Sign up as a volunteer here: http://www.slottr.com/sheets/9949100


Full Schedule

Date Start Finish Rink
Wed Mar 7 7:30pm 9:00pm Trout Lake
Wed Mar 7 8:45pm 10:15pm Killarney
Thur Mar 8 6:00pm 7:30pm Britannia
Thur Mar 8 8:00pm 9:30pm Killarney
Fri Mar 9 8:00pm 9:45pm Trout Lake
Sat Mar 10 8:00pm 9:45pm Hillcrest