Referee Game Fees

Referee and linespersons expense allowances for all games within the PCAHA can be found at  Referee / Linesmen Allowances

If only two officials show up then they are both paid a referee fee rate.

Additional Information is available on the PCAHA website under the Referee Information section.


Referee Reimbursement

Please download, and fill out VMHA Officials Reimbursement - Master.xlsx. Email to with subject "VMHA Officials Reimbursement - <Team Name>"

Use this as a guide: VMHA Officials Reimbursement - Example.xlsx   Instructions are also in both excel spreadsheets.


Game Clock Failure Procedure

In the event of a game clock failure the following steps are to be taken:

1. Allow enough time to try to remedy the situation giving the timekeepers time to see if the clock can be restarted. Take note that the allotted ice time maybe as little as 1hr so moving the game forward is important.

2. The Referee (or one of the officials in a two-official system), is to notify the home team first (so they can get the team manager to assist with the clock), and then the visiting team of the clock malfunction.

3. If the clock cannot be reset within a given amount of time, then the timekeepers are to revert to the "stopwatch" method. This can be done on all iPhones and Android phones.

4. Time is to be kept on these devices and attempts should be made by the home team timekeepers to restart the main clock.

5 Arrangements should be made between the officials and timekeepers to inform them of the time remaining during the specific period. If a spare whistle is available, the timekeeper may use it to signal the end of the periods.

6. Penalty time is to be maintained by the same method.

7. At no time is the game to be called or postponed. No running time is to be used.

Any further questions with the above procedure can be sent to the Referee-In-Chief.