Sign up Thursday, Oct. 5 for the 1st Annual Hockey Day at VMHA 3 on 3 Tournament!

With only 35 days to go before Hockey Day at VMHA, we are excited to bring to you the first of several emails giving you a peek at what this fantastic day holds in store for you. The first installment is all about how you can get your player involved in our first 3 on 3 tournament. Read on….

Join us for what is sure to be one of the highlights of the season as we launch our 3 on 3 tournament. Read carefully because this ain’t your “run of the mill” 3 on 3 tourney…this one comes with a few twists, here are the rules:

1. Online registration will start at 7pm sharp on Thursday, Oct 5 th . Be ready to register because space will be very limited, and team spots will be available only on a first come first served basis. Follow this link for registration on Oct 5 th at 7:00 pm

2. Players are able to form and register their own teams! Each team in each age category will consist of ONLY 3 PLAYERS, and there are only 6 teams allowed per age category.

IMPORTANT – Any team registered (from Atom and older) MUST have at least one (1) “C” (House) player registered on the team. If any team has more than 2 “A” Division players, the team will not be allowed to participate. When registering, make sure you have your current VMHA team name (ex. Bantam A1, Pee Wee C2) available as you will be asked to include it in your registration information.

3. Cost is $7 (plus fees) for each player registered. GOALIES ARE FREE!!! (2 per age group)

4. You will be asked for payment at time of registration. Please have credit card available. No payment, No registration.

5. Tournament format is double elimination, meaning each team will be guaranteed at least two games.

6. Game format – all games are 7 mins long, 3 players, no breaks, no substitutions.

7. For more detailed information on rules: