It’s time to announce our 2020 VMHA Hockey Pool sales contest winners!

On behalf of the VMHA Board of Directors, we would like to thank all of you for participating in our largest annual fundraising initiative. For the fourth year in a row, we have exceeded our previous year’s gross sales total, with 2,086 Hockey Pool tickets sold.

This generated an astounding $42,320 in gross sales. Wow!

This effort is what continues to keep our fees low and allows the VMHA to embark on some pretty fantastic initiatives. One of these, our VMHA Training Centre, will be announced and detailed in the next couple weeks.

Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for, our 2019/20 VMHA HOCKEY POOL top sellers:

  • Grand Prize – Nico (H3C1) – 2020/21 VMHA Registration waived (up to $1000)
  • 2nd Prize – Owain (Pee Wee A1) – Sony Playstation 4 with NHL 2020
  • 3rd Prize – Jayden (Atom A1) – $500 Sportchek Shopping Spree
  • 4th Prize – Liam (Pee Wee A1) – Apple Watch Series 3
  • 5th Prize – Adam C (Pee Wee A1) – Apple Air Pods
  • 6th Prize – Benjamin (H4 C3) – Hockey Stick (Sportchek $250 gift card)
  • 7th Prize – Max (Atom A1) – VMHA Apparel shopping spree ($250)
  • 8th Prize – Charlie (H2C2) – $150 Sportchek Gift Card
  • 9th Prize – Beckett (Atom C2) – VMHA Hockey Bag
  • 10th Prize – Hatau (Pee Wee C2) – VMHA Hockey Bag
  • 11th Prize – Domenic (Bantam C1) – VMHA Hoodie
  • 12th Prize – Jackson (Atom A1) – East Van Hockey T-shirt
  • 13th Prize – Shayne (Atom C3) – East Van Hockey T-shirt
  • 14th Prize – Jacob (Pee Wee A1) – East Van Hockey T-shirt
  • 15th Prize – Stellan (Atom C2) – VMHA Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 16th Prize – Dillon (Pee Wee C4) – VMHA Long Sleeve Shirt
  • 17th Prize – Declan (Atom C3) – VMHA T-Shirt
  • 18th Prize – Markus (H2C1) VMHA Hat
  • 19th Prize – Graham (H2C1) VMHA Hat
  • 20th Prize – Jacob (H2C2) VMHA Hat
  • 21st Prize – Theodore (H2C2) VMHA Toque
  • 22nd Prize – Felix (H2C2) VMHA Toque
  • 23rd Prize (Pee Wee A1) VMHA Toque
  • This  year’s $750 cash prize for our TOP SELLING TEAM goes to: Pee Wee A1

Congratulations to all the prize winners. We will be in touch soon to make arrangements to connect you to your prize. Thank you everyone for supporting your VMHA!



Acting President’s Message

As another hockey season is quickly coming to an end, I would like to congratulate all of the teams, players, bench staff, parents and volunteers for making this season as fun & enjoyable as possible.

Good luck to the few teams out there in jamborees, tournaments and any championship or banner games.

By now, you should have received an email from your team manager through the division managers about strict protocols on jersey collection.   We managed without an equipment manager this season, with thanks to the many involved to fill that void.

The distribution at the start of the season is much easier than what needs to be done before jerseys go into storage.  Make sure to wash your jerseys once or twice, remove “C”s & “A”s, form filled out and make contact with your team manager to hand them off.

Please check with your team manager if that responsibility has been filled as it may qualify for a volunteer refund assuming one person per team is willing to do all of the above.

Please keep an eye out for our annual volunteer dinner notice  (first come first serve) as there are limited spots available.

Our AGM will be happening in June – stay tuned for an announcement.


NIck Santorelli

VMHA Acting President / VP1


Good Sports or What?

Pee Wee A1 received the Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association’s Team Achievement Awards for Peewee A.  This team had one of the lowest accumulation of penalty minutes in Peewee A – out of 84 teams that participated. Pee Wee A1 kept all their sportsmanship points for the 22 regular season games played.  There’s going to be some competition out there for the Lady Bing Memorial Trophy!

PNE/Hastings Park Master Renewal Plan Survey – Share Your Thoughts

As part of building a bright future, the PNE team has been working hard with City of Vancouver staff to move the Hastings Park-PNE Master Plan forward. Two key components of the Master Plan are the Amphitheatre Renewal and the Playland Redevelopment Plan. As The PNE prepares to go to Council for approval of these projects, a survey is being done to call for community input.

This survey takes five minutes to complete and inform the City on the importance of the PNE.  A component of the survey addresses the Agrodome and ice times. This is a chance for our hockey community to weigh in. Please add your voice to the PNE survey by clicking here.


Al Boyd Bursary Opportunity 

Attention: All graduating midget players or juvenile players going on to post secondary education in September 2020. This one’s for you.


The Al Boyd bursary is given out annually to a player who reflects the qualities that were synonymous with our beloved Coach Al Boyd – hard work, integrity, commitment, and volunteerism.

Eligibility: Open to all VMHA members in good standing who are entering an accredited post secondary institution within 18 months of application. Members in good standing include players, referees and coaches that have fulfilled all financial and certifications required by the Association, PCAHA and BC Hockey. Application Deadlines: April 1st.

Al was a man of integrity who positively impacted many of the young players fortunate enough to call him “Coach”.  Please send all completed applications to vp1@vmha.com.

Al Boyd Scholarship Application Form


Hockey Fun Fact – Seeing Double in the NHL

Henrik and Daniel Sedin might be the most famous twins that ever played in the NHL – and certainly the only ones to play on the same team for the duration of their careers. Yay Canucks! But, they are not the only twins to play in the league at the same time. In fact, it has happened four other times.


Rich and Ron Sutter: Rich and Ron were the first set of twins to play together in the NHL. These Canadian twins started their professional careers together with the Lethbridge Broncos in the Western Hockey League. In 1982, Rich was drafted 10th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Ron, who was drafted earlier than his older brother (technically), was selected 4th overall by the Philadelphia Flyers. From 1983-1986, they landed on the Flyers together. Rich and Ron are actually two of six brothers to play in the NHL- Bryan, Brent, Darryl, and Duane Sutter also played in the league.


Patrik and Peter Sundstrom: The Swedish born twins spent their professional careers playing in the NHL and in Sweden. Patrik was drafted in 1980 by the Vancouver Canucks and Peter was drafted in 1981 by the New York Rangers. Both played part of the 1989-90 season together for the New Jersey Devils.


Chris and Peter Ferraro: Chris and Peter were only the second set of twins to play together in the NHL. Since they laced up their first pairs of skates they were inseparable and would play together for most of their careers. In the 1992 NHL Entry Draft, The New York Rangers selected Peter in the first round and Chris in the fourth. They played the 1995-96 season with the New York Rangers; in 1997 they played with the Pittsburgh Penguins; in 2001 they played with the Washington Capitals.


Henrik and Joel Lundqvist: In the 2000 NHL Entry Draft, Henrik was selected by the New York Rangers and Joel was selected by the Dallas Stars. Their teams faced off against each other on December 14, 2006; Hank won that battle 5-2. Although the Lundqvist brothers haven’t played together in the NHL, they played together professionally in Sweden.



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