VMHA 15th Annual Charity Tournament

Vancouver Minor Hockey Association will be hosting our 15th Annual Charity Tournament. The tournament will be held from December 27th to December 30th, 2021, at Canlan - Scotia Barn in Burnaby BC.


This will be a BCAHA sanctioned tournament and will be conducted according to the rules and regulations of the Canadian Hockey Association, BCAHA and Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association.  Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 games.


VMHA is now accepting "Expressions of Interest" applications for this tournament! Teams will be invited based on the order the expression of interest is received once formal registration begins.  Please complete a separate form for each team you are submitting for.  No payment is required until your team is officially invited and a formal registration is completed.


A submission of the Expression of Interest form DOES NOT indicate acceptance to the tournament. Teams will receive a formal invitation to register.


IF you have any questions, please email the Tournament Director at tournaments@vmha.com